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You Deserve

You deserve someone who’s heart breaks when they watch you cry.

You deserve someone who feels your emotions with you instead of just sympathizing.

You deserve someone who will trace your facial features and the crevices and valleys of your body with their fingertips, so they can remember every part of you when they miss you.

You deserve someone who watches you out of the corner of their eye while you read a book and drink your wine, because they think you’re the most beautiful person they have ever laid their eyes on.

You deserve someone who will ask your about your day and genuinely care about the answer.

You deserve someone who wants to know every detail about you, like the way you like your coffee in the mornings, your favorite smell or what movies make you cry.

You deserve someone who will guard your heart and destroy anything meant to harm you, with loyalty running so deep in their veins that they get physically ill at the mere thought of betrayal.

You deserve to be seen.

You deserve to be heard.

You deserve to be wanted.

And most importantly..... you deserve to be loved.

~ Cody Bret

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