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Life is Messy

Life is messy

With its loss, betrayal, deceits and pains

But love makes it worth it

With its joys, friendships, trust and comfort

And though pain and loss are inevitable

Anger, bitterness, depression, and self-loathing are not

We always have a choice …

We can choose to learn what we were never taught

As we have felt the sting of life’s reality

As we see through our cracked lenses

As our shattered hearts build a wall around us

As we find blame for our lives, in others

We can look deeper in the mirror

Seeing the child within

Not just in ourselves

But others that have wronged us

Through our brokenness and pain

We still have a choice

As long as there is breath in our being

Opportunity is present

Life is messy, yes

Love is worth is, yes

Forgiveness is kindness

And love…well, love is everything

                                                                                        D. Mitchell

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