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Sacred Music

Gypsy Soul
The duo's multicultural heritage helps inform both their message and sound, attracting audiences with their soulful blend of Acoustic Rock, Pop, Blues and Jazz.

Michael Mandrell

Acoustic guitar mage crossing the boundaries of Celtic, world beat, classical, jazz, folk, and traditional. 

Rising Appalachia

Rising Appalachia’s soulful folk-roots sound traces back to parents who prioritized culture and diversity, and to the grassroots music communities that dot the hills and valleys of the Deep South. Countless weekends spent at fiddle camps like the Swannanoa Gathering, immersed in what they affectionately call “Appalachian trance music.” Through thunderstorms and hot summer nights, firefly-chasing and bullfrog belting, they developed an affinity for the forests, groves and hidden treasures of rural Appalachia.


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