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Common Circles

Healing will begin when you realize, you were never less than whole.
                                                                              ~ Dr. D
Lila Harding - Advisor, Guide, Coach
She has been helping passionate people focus, motivate and uplevel their lives from good to GREAT using cutting-edge brain science, practical processes, and tactical humor, She invites you to engage with change as a playful game and life-affirming experiment. She helps you see solutions and possibilities that will pave the way for, efficiency, and results.  Together you focus on celebrating success and future achievements, all while having a blast doing it.

Dr. Sherry Haffercamp-Watson
Brazos Valley Mental Health and

As a licensed clinical psychologist, she has dedicated her career to individuals who have experienced traumas but seek to move past these negative life experiences and fully embrace life.

She works jointly with her clients in processing symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD, relationship issues, and limiting self-beliefs that can hinder them from living the fullest life possible.

Thriving Leadership Academy
An online learning game of self-mastery for leaders, the Thriving virtual training course is based on the book and provides participants the opportunity to master the 12 Essential Practices for Thriving in Business and Life.

Lisa Manyon - The Business Marketing Architect
Marketing with integrity getting better results and improving all communications in your business.

Destiny Love - Musician, Author, Mentor, Ceremonial Cacao Circle Holder, Yoga Instructor and Life Coach
​Vocal Opening, Embodiment, and Retrieval,Meditation and Restorative Yoga Support,Relationship and Life Coaching, and more.

Espiritu Fine & Sterling Silver Jewelry

Espiritu Jewelry is Boho-luxe, one of a kind, fine silver jewelry made by Gypsy Soul singer, Cilette Swann.

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