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Unhealthy to Flourishing

I'm a Holistic Practitioner. I have been for over 30 years. During that time I have followed the food/diet trends. I have subjected myself to many rounds of lab work before and after dietary changes. I have put myself through diet changes to observe within myself to experience firsthand what is happening.

I have been a Vegetarian for most of 40 years. I have eaten meat (I was raised on a Farm). I have been Vegan. I have been Raw Vegan. I have tried many forms of Keto, Paleo and Atkins style diets. I have done the Dukan diet, HCG Diet, Zone Diet, Low carb, High carb, Blood Type Diet, Mediterranean Diet, Flexitarian Diet, DASH Diet. I did the South Beach Diet. I’ve done the Master Cleanse. I have done mono-diets. I have water fasted. I have grape fasted, I have done all veggies fasts. I have done all fruit fasts. I have done mixed veggie and fruit fasts, all for the sake of "Health Research". If it was out there to find and try, I did it!

My personal stance is that we were never intended to consume "meat". This stems from my years of Scientific studies of the human body. For whatever reason (and I have my own theories here too) we started to shift from plants, to animals, to starches and fats and our health has changed along with these changes.

I found that people who switch diets, have a tendency to switch, without proper education and preparation. Like the Ole "New Year's Resolution" concept. Well intended. Not everyone will try to make changes overnight, but most of us don't know how to shift from one form eating, to genuine nourishment. We’re so used to deprivation and lack. There is a safe way to do this. But with that said, there will be health consequences due to lifestyle and length of time we’ve been living a certain way.

Society has trained/programmed us very well to follow their subliminal paths set before us. We see advertising that promotes specific foods and habits. Our society around us has an acceptable tolerance. Our families and cultural “norms” only give a small box to move around in. So many more aspects of our lifestyle effect our decision to feed ourselves the way we do.

We are taught that fruits and veggies are all we need to be healthy. We don’t know how to source our foods. We don’t know what the “big deal” is between traditional foods and organic foods. We have experienced chemicals in our air, water, food and “medicines” our whole lives. What’s the problem with that? We don’t want to stand out from the rest. This is evidenced in every Society. Hence, the words "Trends" “Popular” and “Normal”. We tend to follow those we look up to, or those our society has touted as the “Experts”, allowing them lead us down the path of what is acceptable. There's a reason for this, but I digress, and won't get into that here.

We have fallen so far from our birthright/God given selves. As a society, we have no idea what it feels like to be truly "healthy". We've adapted for so very long to "the way it is" that the reality is we wouldn't recognize healthy if it hit us between the eyes. Sorry, but this is where we are.

Transitioning to health is a process that takes more than food. It takes education, patience, perseverance. forgiveness, willingness, fortitude (because of the ridicule one has to endure), often, a new support system and the commitment to making each day better than the last . There are so many levels of health and healing that this is but a tip of the tip, of what it takes to stay the path to find a “healthy” place.

Which brings me to the reason why people feel so horrible and go through serious health crisis' after a while of removing GMO, Nutrition-less foods and meat products and byproducts.

Our bodies are sooooo deprived of health that once we start to introduce healthy, all the unhealthy conditions that we have "adapted" to, start to surface with a vengeance. It is a form of "Detoxification" that feels like complete and utter garbage! Because that's exactly what it is!!! We are purging ourselves of the lifetime of garbage that has minimized our organ function to a point of stasis and non-function.

Think of it like this...(however old you are now) How long have you been living the life style that has lead you to where you are? 10...20...30...40...50...60 years.... possibly even more than that? We have gotten so used to a "pill for and ill" and "Instant reward/gratification" that we don't know how to allow ourselves to truly detoxify. We don’t even recognize that we are unhealthy. Logically (and Scientifically) speaking it is insanity to think that our body's, as amazing as they are, because we're still functioning even with the years of torture, will detox in a matter of weeks or months.

EVERY SINGLE ORGAN in our body needs to detox and heal, regrow healthy tissues, and learn to function again and maybe, just maybe, function for the first time in our lives!

This is a Holistic can be the most challenging! First, we need to accept we have been "brainwashed" and outright "lied to". Then, we need to be willing to take responsibility and start from the lowest rung on the ladder, from where we are in life, at this very moment! It's VERY humbling! But there's no chance if we don't allow ourselves to go there! We will ultimately feel better than we ever have if we can do this for ourselves!

We are miraculous creatures! I have seen many miracles firsthand. We have the power to change! We have the courage to face the truth! We have the capacity to truly heal ourselves!

This is one of my many life's works! I hope to help those seeking, get their power back! Because of this, I am very passionate about helping where I can! We are miraculous beings! We just need to rediscover that! If nothing else, I hope this plants a seed that grows into fruition!

Here’s to your Health


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