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Shamanic Breathwork

A Brief History

Shamanism is a very old practice dating back thousands of years. The word Shaman has many meanings. I will address just a few here. A Shaman is one that sees in the dark, not the outward darkness, such as the night skies but the darkness that lies within the self. Shaman’s have been known to be a medium between the visible world and the invisible spirit world, they practice for purposes of healing, on behalf of those seeking to be healed.

According to Shaman Jon a practicing modern day Shaman “Shamanism is the art and science of engaging with the forces of Nature, in its physical and non-physical forms, beyond the limits of linear time and space in order to affect the desired changes in the life experience of the beings who are asking for this service”.

Shamans are trained healers that take decades of learning in specific ceremonial practices that allow the recipient the opportunity to heal themselves by reconnecting with their own inner Shaman.

Shamans are likened to Physicians, Counselors or Ministers in our world today. They have been sought for healing and balance of the body, mind, and spirit in remote areas of the world for centuries and are used in the modern world for these same reasons.


Shamanic Breathwork came out of the need for more healing. It is a very powerful healing modality supported by the Shamanic practices, through breathing techniques Utilizing Music, drumming, scents, touch if permitted, and our bodies movements and sounds to engage and release that which needs to be released within oneself.

Reaching deep into our subconscious mind and cellular memory Shamanic Breathwork can assist us in discovering our true selves, giving us the power to release old wounds and traumas we may not even know, left scars or wounds within us.

Shamanic Breathwork is a highly experiential process, according to how deeply one surrenders to the process.

Preparation and willingness are key to our success. It is important to set an Intention prior to the experience, after this creating a sacred space to hold this ceremony in and choosing the Practitioner that holds the safety and highest good of those within the space round out the potential experience.

Safety is essential to being able to let go and to be fully present within the experience. One never knows what will come up. Experiencers have shared feeling ecstasy, otherworldly shifts, traumatic recall, and release, out of body experiences and so much more.

Rebirthing or Awakenings are common occurrences after this work, as old patterns are brought to the light, addictions can be released, grief, fear, rage etc. if allowed, can come up and out, leaving the psyche, creating room for beauty, forgiveness, and healing.

I Invite you to research this topic further and see if it sounds like something you might be willing to gift yourself. Remember… we are our own masters unless we give that power to others, no one knows the pain we carry, sometimes we hide it even from ourselves but no one outside of ourselves can do our healing for us.

The depth of your surrender will be equivalent to the depth of your experience.

Here’s to more healing on more levels.

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