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Living the Illusion

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

We watch programs that defile, deface and dehumanize us as a species. Our news programs show us horrific things over, and over, and over again. We watch people laugh at others’ suffering. We justify our feelings and even fight for our beliefs. We’ve been manipulated for so long we think it’s normal. There’s a psychology behind it all! It was intended to do a job and it’s doing it. It’s worked so well we don’t even see it! We’ve learned to ignore things that should not be ignored, we’ve learned to turn our backs on pain and suffering. We’ve disconnected from or own humanity, our ability to feel and be compassionate.

For those of you who studied psychology, start to look for the mechanisms of control that are out there. You can’t un-see it once you've seen it!

We’ve grown so well adapted to this environment that we now deny ourselves one of the biggest reasons for being here, our humanity. We’re in search of a tribe, a community, our peeps, our sisters, our family, other kindred spirits, (replace with whatever verbiage works for you) all the while society is seeding us with thoughts of superior independence no longer connected to a community to survive/thrive, while other hand is pointing in another direction, seeding messages that we don’t know what we need in the first place, planting even more seeds that we need that next best thing outside ourselves to complete us. This message is sent every minute of every day via advertising, pharmaceuticals, Hollywood, our mainstream Doctors, therapists, and ultimately or communities. So many mixed messages are sent and received that we learn to numb ourselves and to shine the light on our potential weaknesses.

The stage has been set for the perfect illusion. We no longer feel what’s really going on inside our own body’s or minds. We don’t have to take responsibility for our thoughts, actions or deeds. The separation and dependency is in full effect. Look around. People send tweets, messages, posts, blogs etc. without thought, consideration, or connection. People act in ways, online, they would never act, in person. Cyber-bullying is a real thing! People have grown so distant from each other in some arenas that they no longer need a community to support them.

That being said, there is another side to the coin. Ah thanks goodness! The separation has also created communities of people that are aware and awake to what’s happening and they are growing! Community today has becoming something that’s never existed before. We have technology and we have the ability to join together and use loving compassion to unite.

So, what's the illusion? It's that we believe we’re “mere humans”. We believe that we’re here for a while and then when it's all over it wont matter.

What if I told you we are so much more than we’ve been taught? What if miracles were not miraculous at all? What if we learned that we really are superheroes? Would that change anything for you?

Sometimes we think it’s easier to give over our power of choice to others, as if we’re free of responsibility but that’s all part of the illusion. We’re no longer free when our decisions are not our own. How many people have a strong healthy sense of self-worth today? How many people do you know that feel they're making their own choices and are creating the life they want? What are those people doing differently than the ones that are just trudging through their days?

Every decision that’s made has a ripple effect. We’re either teaching or learning at all times.

In the illusion we don’t have any power, we’re weak and not worthy. The truth is, we are so much more than we’ve been taught. Look back at our not so distant history and you can see when one person (i.e. Martin Luther King Jr., Marie Curie, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Beethoven, Helen Keller) decided to make a difference in their world, they did and it rippled out into their communities and ultimately into the world, their effects can be seen and felt even today. They were just one person. Think about that for a moment…one person! That’s not even addressing our spiritual connection or abilities.

Imagine, if you will, a group of people deciding to make a change for the good of humanity, coming together with the same intention, the same ferocity, and the same goal, as one universally focused power. What kind of ripples do you think would be put out into the world?

Which makes me think of the “Maharishi Effect”which was proposed first in 1960 by Yogi Maharishi Mahesh. This experiment, I had the privilege of participating in, in Fairfield Iowa, while attending Maharishi University. I was finally formally studied in the 1970s after many informal experiments had taken place.

They found that if just 1% of a chosen group used TM meditation to focus on peace for a specific region, an average of 16% decrease in violence and crime within the focused area was recorded. A large group of people decided to meditate on peace every day, for several years, to see if they could affect and create a positive outcome. The astounding results showed that not only did they reduce crime but over time they had a doubling effect, meaning the longer the time period spent on thoughts of love and peace the higher the positive result and the more crime dropped.

This is how powerful we humans are!

Those in control of our media, politics and world, as we know it, keep us divided and distracted for one reason and one reason only; if we decided to band together, we would far surpass the powers that be. We are not weak! We are a force to be reckoned with! We are all powerful! If an all-powerful force joined with thousands of other all-powerful forces what do you think the potential could be?

If you believed in your greatness do you think you would live your life differently? If you saw evidence that you could create the life of your dreams, do you think you might? We have the opportunity to stand in our greatness. The power is in our own beliefs. Henry Ford said "Whether you believe you can or you can't, you're right"

What will you choose to believe?

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