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Healing Crisis?

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

We’ve all heard of “the healing crisis” but what exactly does that mean? I’ve personally seen many people go through this process and as we discuss what it is, let me just say a few words about fear….

When our bodies are in a state of discomfort or out of what we consider our “normal”, whether that’s healthy or not, is another issue entirely, we tend to do one of three things. We either try to pretend it doesn’t exist and like the sadly coined phrase from the famed ostrich and we bury our heads in the sand while doing very little, if anything; We go into hyper drive and research every known symptom and procedure to man in order to try to control every aspect of what is happening, or we trust! We trust in the process of healing, the process of our bodies knowing how to heal. We see from a place we’ve never seen before and respond with love and compassion. We see the healed end result and not the unhealthy “healing crisis”.

Now what the heck does that all mean?

There is a vast difference between “belief” and “knowing”. What I mean is that what we think has Scientifically been shown to affect every single cell of our being which in turn becomes whatever our reality is in our thoughts. THINK ABOUT THAT LONG AND HARD….

What we think literally is what we become!

We tend to surround ourselves with “like” minds. Which means that we are swimming in the pool of the same ideas and thoughts that we think. This can be incredibly beautiful or absolutely limiting. Depending on the pool we choose.

So, let’s get back to the idea of the “healing crisis”. Getting technical for a moment….in the Medical Profession a “healing crisis” is when the system (ie. your body) becomes overwhelmed with either the toxins of the disease process dying off, the diseased parts themselves dying and entering into our blood stream en mass, or the breakdown of our own immune systems due to overwhelm. This causes the body to create an immune response and an inflammatory reaction that is there to protect your system from the potential negative effects of just that. This process then becomes too much for the immune system to handle and causes “flu-like” symptoms that often-times lead us to feel much worse for a period of time and can also lead to a misdiagnosis of what is actually going on inside our bodies in the conventional system.

But there are many forms of “healing crises. From the physiological symptoms to the emotional and even deeper into the spiritual symptoms. These can be hard to put our fingers on. These are complex issues that not everyone can understand let alone believe in. We begin at the level we are at no matter where we are in life. That’s the beauty. We can ALWAYS heal no matter what level we’re on.

Putting all this together….

If we suddenly find that we are not feeling well or have made a “life style” change and are in new territory with our bodies, as well as, our minds, how do we take our first steps into the unknown? How do we make changes for the positive in an environment that doesn’t feel good or even familiar?

This is where our trust and knowing come in. We’ve all heard of a “miracle” story in our lives. Where someone survived miraculously when they were not supposed to, or where someone completed an amazing task that the people around them thought was “impossible”. How did they do it?

Beyond our beliefs…

Society would have us believe that we are limited to certain things. That we have boundaries and cannot go beyond them. Yet, we have so many stories in our history that have shown people doing miraculous things that are outside the conventional model of thinking of the time.

These people did not have Society supporting their ideas. In history these people did not have the “Support system” of their families or friends. Most were shunned and black listed in their times. But to us they are role models and change makers that have shaped the world we live in. We think today our world is different. But is it really? If you try to make changes in your world what do you think the response of those around you would be?

What drove these amazing people of change making history?

They “knew” there was more. They “trusted” in the true process of Universal Law. We are only as limited as we convince ourselves to be. What? Yes….science has shown that if we believe something, that’s what we will experience. We have the ability to grow new nerve pathways in our brains. YES WE DO! Our hearts grow new vessels and reroute to be able to circulate and function fully after damage or surgery. So we have the ability to see the world through a difference lens…if we choose to. We are only limited to what we allow ourselves to perceive.

Again returning to the Healing Crisis…..

Science shows us what the healing crisis is, our ability to perceive the healing crisis as a scientific procedure, as well as, go beyond what the limitations of the physiological processes of the meaning is.

How in the world….

That’s exactly what I’m referring to here…..if you believe you are the boundaries of other peoples limitations….than that’s what you are. However, if you realize that we are made up of energy, as opposed to the old model of believing we were made up of matter, we know that energy is always changing, shifting, and altering itself why could you not change, shift and alter yourself?

Have you ever had a moment of pure joy? Of love? Of happiness? That’s where the answers lie. Remember what it felt like to be deeply in love. The negativities of the world melted away. There were no problems you couldn’t face. You may not have even noticed that there were problems. You felt you could take the world by storm. You were “unlimited” at that moment.

What pushed you off your throne?

We each experience our own “Healing Crisis” of our own magnitude at different points in our lives. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes hitting our limit to finally be willing to go outside our trained thought process to look for the answers. For each of us it’s a different process but the basic premise is… that we find ourselves off balance and look to find our balance again. How we do that is the key.

I encourage everyone to listen to the small voice inside that’s tugging at you. The voice only you know! The small voice, that we don’t listen to, we look back and see that if we had listened, things could have been much smoother. This is what I call in my own life, V-8 moments. Where I smack myself on the center of the forehead and say to myself “Why didn’t I listen?”

It’s so much “easier” (eyeroll) to go along with the crowd…to “fit in”,to not make waves. But honestly, when did change ever not create some form of upheaval? Whether that be within our own selves, which consequently is the grander scale, or the world around us; we tend to think it’s “easier” to “go with the flow” than to “make waves”. But that leads us down the same path we’ve traveled many times before and the same results are waiting for us in the same uncomfortable “comfort zone” should we choose it again.

I challenge you to work through your “healing crisis”, to listen to that small quiet voice that only you hear, to become the best version of yourself! Know who you are!

You have the power to become all you wish to be! You are an amazing being! I dare you to see your magnificence and brilliance! Shine your light in the dark that others can see the path!

If you are not presently surrounded with dreamers, change makers, or those that see your brilliance I challenge you to find them…if you can’t find them, be the one to take the first step. Create a group. BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD! Step outside your own box. Take a risk. Be willing to face the limitations. Be willing to face your fears. Show up. There will be others that show us that are just as unsure as you are….but you’ll find you are there together. Support each other’s brilliance and see where that takes you! One day you will look back and no recognize who you were. It starts with you!

Here’s to making all your dreams come true!

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