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Am I Willing to Receive What I Want?

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

We put out to the Universe/God our dreams, our hopes, our needs. We pray for signs to show us the way and we ask for help. But I’ve noticed in my own journey that after I make myself vulnerable in the moment and I’ve put my thoughts and feelings out there I slide back into the comfortable place of limitation, lack and self-doubt. This is a place I don’t even have to think about. It’s so ingrained and so a part of my normal operating system that it’s second nature.

It’s also this place that’s kept me where I am. It’s this unconscious program that runs in the background that makes sure everything is status quo and change is not part of the status quo. Change disrupts the comfortable place we know.

In my moment of vulnerability, my walls come down, I able to ask for help, I’m afraid but I’m so desperate for change that the fear doesn’t stop me from standing in my truth. I break down and reach out for something beyond myself! I step aside and know in that moment that it’s out of my control.

Change however, means that I must be willing to stay in that place of vulnerability. How do I stand in my limitations? How do I feel fear and not run and hide? How to I feel weak and vulnerable and be ok with it? How do I let the insecurities out? How do I feel the shame?

As I sit here contemplating my own follies, I realize it’s sadly Universal. We’ve all been programmed with other people fears and limitations. It’s not primordial. It’s not hereditary. It’s not even natural. But it’s still part of our reality. This reality has taught us to live by other people’s standards. We’ve gotten so far away from our innate connections we don’t even know how to fully live anymore.

How do I listen to the wisdom of the Cosmos? I’m made of stardust after all. So, doesn’t that make me a Cosmic Being? If I think I have to hold it all together, I build a barrier between myself and that potential. How can I receive that which I’m asking for if I present to the world that I can do it on my own?

Have we really built a wall around ourselves? Have we made ourselves the object of limitation instead of allowing ourselves to be the unlimited beings that we were made to be? How do we get back to the place of openness when we don’t even recognize that we’re closed?

Surrender! That’s right, you read that correctly. Surrender! Let go! Cry, laugh, feel deeply, share openly. Let the fear wash over you like the Ocean’s tide but don’t fall victim to self-pity and sabotage. Be authentic! Don’t try to get others to feel sorry for you. Share with your people. Sometimes that means you have to share with the wrong people to discover who the right ones are. Nothing….and I mean nothing stays the same! The one thing we are guaranteed is change!

Being open to receiving means that you are truly open! Being strong does not mean you fall prey to thinking you know everything. In truth, we know almost nothing. The more we learn, the more our world opens up and the more we see there is to learn. Some of the most amazing people I know have shown their weaknesses and been willing to be vulnerable. That’s what makes them so amazing and because of their willingness to be vulnerable and to admit imperfections they keep pushing their edges and they keep growing.

We are perfectly imperfect beings. We’re strong even when we feel weak. We’re beautiful with all our vulnerabilities intact. We make mistakes and we fall down. But that is not the end of our stories. THAT is where we get to make a choice.

Are you willing to experiment with yourself? Are you willing to allow yourself to be vulnerable? Are you willing to push your boundaries? Could you allow the gifts of the Universe in? They’re just waiting for you. Are you willing to ask?

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